Monday, May 01, 2006

(with respectful acknowledgement to Reinhold Niebuhr)

Muse, grant me the creativity
To see the things I cannot see,
The willingness to touch what's in front of me,
And the hunger to embrace it all.

Facing darkness one day at a time;
Accepting the future as a pathway to peace;
Taking, as the Muse does, this world's joys
As they are, not as I would have them be;
Trusting that the Muse will open new doors
If I surrender to her will;
That I may remain curious in this life
And supremely fulfilled by the muse.
Forever in the moment.
Let it be.

That’s it for this month. Short. And I hope sweet.

Except for this marketing bit for a compilation CD, "Freedom Bound," I enjoyed producing as a fundraiser for Educate Van Zandt. Nearly three in 10 adults in this county have no high school degree or GED; a few of us are trying to change that. The CD is an eclectic mix of country, folk, rock, blues, and jazz vocals from these Texas singer-songwriters, in the order of the songs: Eliza Gilkyson, Eric Taylor, Becca Dalrymple, Jimmy Lafave, Jay Johnson, Adam Carroll, Tiffany Shea, Susan Gibson, Lisa Markley, Terri Hendrix, Macon Greyson, Kimmie Rhodes &Willie Nelson, McKay Brothers, Billy Joe Shaver, Randy Hopper, Nathan Hamilton, and Mickey Newbury. It's a good CD, and I thank the artists and their labels.

The CDs make great gifts. If you'd like a copy, send a $15 check made out to "Educate Van Zandt" to my address below. If you'd like multiple copies, send $10 per CD. So far, I've sold more copies outside Van Zandt County than I have in the county.

That really is it for this month.

Except for this poem, "Communion Hall," from my in-progress chapbook, "I Am the Ghosts You Fear."

trees weep
in the grey forest
on overcast days

while people speak
meaningless words
into bottles of vodka

angry miracles
and a beautiful woman,
wise eyes averted
toward temptation

by the piano’s slow notes
in another hotel bar

her memories dance
with the fingered sounds
of a song written
while trees wept
in the grey forest
on an overcast day
her memories dance